Monkey Bread With Banana And Caramel Jam


White flour, all purpose ,500g
Eggs, whisked , 100g
Whole milk, 300g
Unsalted butter , 100g
Salt , 10g
White Sugar , 30g
Yeast , 20g
Brown sugar , 50g
Cinnamon, ground , 5 g
Banana & caramel jam, a Natural Preserves product, 1 jar


1. Place the salt together with the white sugar the eggs the milk the flour and yeast together in a mixing bowl and knead for around 15 minutes or preferably use a dough hook attachment on a planetary mixer. While kneading, chop the butter into small cubes and place in the fridge.
2. When the dough looks fully combined, whilst still mixing, slowly add the butter cubes. Keep mixing until the butter has been fully combined. Cover the dough with a wet cloth and leave the dough to double in size.
3. Knock down the dough on a surface and grab each end and stretch and fold it into the centre, pinching the seam to try and trap as much air as possible in the dough. Combine the brown sugar with the cinnamon.
4. Twist off small pieces about the size of a golf ball of the dough and roll them in the mixture of sugar and cinnamon. Place the rolled dough pieces in a mould of your choice, piling the dough on each other, cover the mould and leave to double in size.
5. Bake in an oven preheated to 180 C and cook for around 30 minutes.
Remove the bread from the mould and place it on a cooling rack. While it’s still hot, cover the bread with the jam and glaze it by seeping it into the enriched bread. Leave it to cool till its room temperature and then have fun ripping bits off!

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