Yes, delivery is free of charge.

At the moment we do not sell in Gozo and Overseas, however we might be able to arrange something. Should you be interested please let us know.

Our usual delivery dates are usually on Tuesdays and Saturdays, however we also provide deliveries on various days during the week. We will advise you before hand when your delivery will take place. Special deliveries can be requested.

Yes, of course. Just advise us before hand if it’s a gift before hand and we will wrap it in sustainable, plastic free packaging.

Our labelling contains only 0.2g of plastic in the form of two very small pieces on tape to hold the label in place. The rest of the wrapping is made from sustainably sourced unbleached paper.

No we do not use artificial preservatives in our product. All our preservatives are naturally sourced, such as vinegar, sugar, salt and citric acid. But all ingredients are presented accurately on the website and jars.

We only use citric acid in our jams as to naturally preserve the food and preserve its flavour, and in very limited quantities. The citric acid we use is natural, sustainable and environmentally friendly. It’s naturally produced by a special type of edible fungus, it requires very little water and electricity to produce. Jams produced without an acid can be very dangerous to consume.

All our products have a minimum shelf life of 6 months and up to 2 years depending on the product, before opening. Best before dates are stipulated on the packaging.

Once our products are opened store closed in a fridge and consume within 3 days preferably.

You don’t, our products are highly sanitized and can handle a lot more time then just 3 days. However the law of Malta states that we mention that it should be consumed as such, but past 3 days we cannot assure the quality remains but they will remain good. Fish and meat products however should be consumed straight away.

Unless opened store our products in a cool dark place. Once opened place in a fridge.

Our products are all artisan, small batch and made by hand to the highest of standards. However we do produce them in a separate and modern state of the art kitchen and not at our home so we do not consider them home- made.

All the primary ingredients are actually sourced locally and by hand, this helps out the young farmers, fishers and small producers on the island and more importantly its far more sustainable, fresher and more environmentally friendly. We do use some imported products such as dried fruit, sugar and spices from other countries in the Mediterranean.

No they do not contain any allergens unless stipulated on the jar and we take pride in our carefulness and attention when producing. However we source our products from companies that pack flour, gluten, sulphites, celery, mustard, fish, shellfish, milk & dairy, lupins, soy, sesame, nuts, seeds, and so on. So for safety reasons all our products are labelled as may contain traces of various allergens.

Yes we do, we produce various products for restaurants from fine dining and Michelin starred restaurants, hotels, cafeterias and other home producers. We also can boast the fact that we already supply Michelin starred restaurants like Noni and Bahia. Should you be interested please get in touch with us.

Yes we do, we sell to a few select shops. Should you want to stock our products in your shop please get in touch.

All our products are tested for flavour several times over to ensure the highest quality of flavour. We then test our products for food safety ourselves, this is then verified by an independent laboratory. Only if it passes all these tests do we release the products to the public.

We are evolving

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