Makers of Gourmet, Natural food Products.

Only the finest local ingredients are used. All our foods are carefully prepared by hand, shelf stable and lab tested, ensuring the highest quality preserves.

Made by a Michelin Trained Chef & Educator.

“Flavour comes first in everything we make and guarantee that everything we produce is made with love and to the highest standards. We are very proud of the fact that we supply multiple Michelin starred & recommended restaurants, five-star hotels and the finest cafeterias. We believe this to be a testament to our high quality preserves.” - Keith & Nadine. Keith is a qualified chef with 17 Years of experience and trained under the famed Roux brothers at the Grand Hotel in Jersey, as well as other countries in Europe. Keith was a culinary officer at the Mediterranean Culinary Academy and a part-time lecturer at MCAST were he teaches multi-sensory flavour perception, food production & preservation and food technology. 

A Unique Taste Of Malta

By foraging for endemic and alien species of fruit and plants we are able to create a unique portfolio of delicious products, one that shows off the diversity of this tiny rock we call home. The end result of our years spent in research and  development has enabled us to deliver a natural, truly local  experience in every jar.

Local Farm-to-Jar

All our products come from young, local farmers and traditional fishers who use sustainable methods, ensuring that we preserve this delicate archipelago as well as it’s traditions for generations to come.

We also pledge to reduce our environmental impact by producing as little plastic as possible, around 0.004 grams of plastic per jar. All our products are naturally preserved with no artificial or lab made additives.

We are evolving

Something new is coming, stay tuned!